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  • Plastic Bicycle Wheels - CC-260-2

Model: CC-260-2
Plastic Bicycle Wheels
Material: Impact PP
Size: 16"
Tire: Air or PU
Assembly: 60mm internal drum brake

Heavy height use; a single wheel can load weight 100kg

The beautiful arc can help wheelchairs move smoothly without any effects of corners.

A specific solution for wheelchair 16" internal drum brake. Although most of disc brakes can provide excellent brake force, the reaction force also makes people sitting on the chairs fall easily. Compared with disc brake, drum brakes are able to provide brake force stably. It can lower reaction force and make people safer.

When quick releases are selected, 48L alloy hubs are recommended. It is able to help the function of quick release work well.
Good impact resistance
Good corrosion and chemical resistance

Comply with CPSIA, ROHS, EN71 Part III regulations

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